Monday, November 29, 2010


We are hosting one last fundraiser to help bring Zoe home!

We are having a Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night!!!!!

Where: Chick-Fil-A at Wolfchase

When: Tuesday, December 7th
5PM until 8PM

We are partnering with Chick-Fil-A in Wolfchase (the one by the mall) and Holt International to raise our last little bit of money to bring Zoe home! Please come out and see us and help us bring our girl home!

Here's how it works: YOU come by Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday, December 7th between 5PM and 8PM and tell them you are with us (The Sloan family adoption) and they will donate 20% of your sale to Holt International and Holt will apply that money towards our family's adoption specifically.
Easy enough, right?!?!?
You don't have to cook dinner next Tuesday and you help bring our girl home!
Now, help us spread the word!

P.S. Don't forget to tell them you are with us, so we get the credit for your sale!

See y'all next Tuesday,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guess who's mama has her all packed and ready to go?

That'd be this cutie's mama!

It's all there. I think we might need a bigger suitcase though!

It only weighs 28 pounds... and we can have 50 pounds per bag, so while we're at Grandmoo's and PawPaw's (my parents) next weekend, I'll see if they have a bigger one for Zoe. We're taking lots of gifts for Holt Korea and a couple care packages for other babies too, so we'll fill 'em up!

Come on EP approval and a TRAVEL CALL! This mama needs all 3 of her babies under the tree this year!

I'm a blog slacker, but I've been BUSY!

I'll catch you up tonight; I promise! Meanwhile, check out the tutu-table I made for Zoe's room...

And a tu-tu for Christmas... let's hope she is here in time to wear it!

And last, but not least some leg warmers (like baby legs) to keep her warm this winter!

See, I told you I've been BUSY! More later tonight... we're off to preschool!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Journey of Two Families...

In my previous post, I wrote about the day when we saw Zoe's face for the first time. I was drawn to her. There was something wonderfully special about that little girl with the pony-tail standing up on the top of her head and sitting in that purple bumbo. Well, we weren't the only family who was interested in her. In fact, Eun-ha was on that photolisting less than 12 hours and 5 different families requested her file. We were one family of five. All of the families were sent her complete medical files, background info, etc. and each family can then decide if they want to proceed or not. We had her file reviewed by a few different doctors and decided to proceed with her adoption. Well, over the course of the next few days, 2 other families said they were interested in her adoption too. In fact, one other family was interested, but with 3 families already willing, they bowed out.

Basically, when a family says they want to adopt a "waiting child" (which Zoe was... we saw her face on the photolisting), there are a ton of questions to answer. Think essay questions on how you would parent the child, how you plan to raise the child who is a different race (assuming you are not Korean), how you plan to care for the child in light of their medical or other needs, etc. I set out on a mission to answer these questions. I cried over those essays. I really had to mentally put myself into the role of her mother and answer questions on how we intend to raise her as her forever family. Emotions were running high. Once all the interested families completed their questionnaires, each family had a phone interview with the Waiting Child Program, and a committee would meet and select her family. Talk about nerve-wrecking. Looking back, that time has become a blur.

I can never fully explain the feeling I had knowing how deeply I cared for that baby, yet knowing she may or may not be ours forever. I cried A LOT, I prayed A LOT and I didn't sleep. I was a mess. I trusted that God knew how this would play out. I trusted that He knew what was best for our family. I believed with all my heart that God would not bring us to this point to leave us. Regardless of the outcome, He would sustain us and would eventually bring us to the child He chose for us... even if it wasn't this baby that I had come to love. At the time, we had 3 photos of her. We knew her story. We knew her name . I took hope in the fact that even if we were not chosen, this baby would have a family. She was no longer 1 of the millions of orphans without a mommy and a daddy. She would be someone's chosen and cherished daughter. Honestly, I wanted her to be MY chosen and cherished daughter, but I gave it to Him.

About a week before committee met, I had posted on the Holt Forums Board that we were going to committee for a baby and a woman contacted me saying that she thought we were going to committee for the same baby. We talked online through email and I came to enjoy my online chats with this mom, Ramsey. Ramsey is a mom to three beautiful girls and is an OBGYN. (Yeah, that was a little intimidating!) Her husband is Sheref; he's a pediatrician. (okay, that's doubly-intimidating!) I prayed that God would give this baby to one of our two families so I could always know she went to a great family! (since we didn't know who the 3rd family was.) Some people might have thought that it was strange that I was talking to "the competition", but I didn't see it that way. We are both moms; we are wives; we are both on this adoption journey to our children and we shared a love for the same baby. We both thought our phone interviews were weird and awkward and plain terrible and I was sure that the doctors would be given this baby and that somehow God would heal my heart and help us move forward to finding our child. Then the news came that the third family decided not to proceed, so it was just us and Ramsey's family. I had more peace knowing that one of our families would have her, but it still wasn't an easy time.

The committee met and (obviously) we were chosen to be the parents of Eun-ha. God knew. He knew all along. I was grateful and excited. We had a daughter, but I knew my new friend would be sad. I knew she wanted her too. I prayed that this sweet family would fine their baby soon! Just a few weeks later, that family got matched with this little cute boy!

Just this past week, Sheref went to Korea to bring that cute Charlie home. After 3 girls, I think that boy will be a lot of fun for them! Charlie and his daddy are safely back home. Here is a pic of all of them together... How cute are they!?!?

While Sheref was in Korea, he went and visited Zoe. Too bad he didn't smuggle her home in his carry-on bag, but he visited with her, took some photos and 4 videos for us. Here is a picture he took of her. She's wearing an outfit we sent. Yeah, I think I saw my husband fall in love when he saw her wearing that Daddy's Girl shirt.

I just think it's amazing how things have come full-circle. Zoe will soon be home to our family, Charlie is safely at home with his forever family and I have a special friendship with a mama I've never met in real-life. I can't wait until the day when we can get our families and Korean babies together.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11
God had big plans for us and for these two babies. Things happened just as He knew they would and two families are changed forever! Kinda' cool if you ask me.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

EP Submission

It was exactly 189 days ago when we saw this face for the first time.
Our lives would forever be changed on April 29th, 2010 as I looked
into the face of what I was SURE was my daughter!

It was a long, agonizing 21 days until we found out that she would be ours forever!
On May 20, 2010 we were chosen as the family for this precious one.

We hurried up to complete our home-study and on July 14th, 2010 we received our official referral and acceptance papers for sweet baby Eun-ha Seong!

And today, 189 days later, we were notified that our EP has finally been submitted.
Yes, we still need to wait for it's approval and the last few little thing to be done
after that, but we were honestly beginning to wonder how much longer we could wait
for our submission. We are thinking there is still hope to have Zoe home by Christmas!

This sweet baby needs her mama. And this mama needs her baby under our tree at Christmas this year! Thanks for all the prayers, friends. Let's pray for a fast approval and then a super-fast travel call!

Our prayers are also for our friends who are still waiting on their EP submissions for their babies. Please pray the Korean government will resolve this issue and let these kiddos come home to their families.

"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us." (Ephesians 3:20)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Less Video

Another adoptive mom that I met through our agency's forums created an awesome video in honor of National Adoption Month. The video features many children adopted from South Korea including our precious Zoe!

Zoe's Birthday Celebration

We spent last Thursday night celebrating Zoe's first birthday. It was a fun evening as a family thinking about the one Sloan family member on the other side of the planet and not safely tucked in her bed under our roof. Happy Birthday Sweet Eun-ha Seong ... soon you will be Zoe Grace Sloan and we'll have many more birthday celebrations together! We love you!

I made this "Happy Birthday Zoe" banner!
We went out for a traditional Korean meal... these are the side dishes they bring to share.
Robert and I were practicing our Korean poses.
Daddy and Andrew are ready to eat some Bulgogi!
We brought a picture of Zoe along since it was her birthday, afterall!
Andrew and his choppies!
Robert and his choppies and sticky rice... his favorite!
Daddy was in heaven... Spicy Chicken Bulgogi
Mommy decided to try the BiBimBop with Chicken.
The boys made this awesome cake for Zoe. It was REALLY good and moist... which I think is why it started to crumble and lean a bit. It was made with love!
Wishing for Zoe to be home soon!
We recently ordered Zoe's stroller and it even arrived on her birthday.
Robert with one of the toys the boys bought for her birthday.
Andrew opening more birthday presents for Zoe!

We had a great night celebrating the life of Zoe Grace Sloan. We prayed for her to stay safe and well until she is in our arms forever! We prayed for her birthmother who did one of the most selfless and bravest things she will ever do by giving life to her. We are forever grateful to this woman and pray that God will give her peace.

We love you, Zoe! We can't wait to celebrate your homecoming!
~Daddy, Mommy, Robert & Andrew